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Did you know? Singing improves your mental, physical and emotional health...

Musical Bumps

Connect - Rejuvenate – Nourish – Grow

Wednesday evenings 7:15-8:15pm

What is it?

Musical Bumps is a free choir for mums-to-be. Partners are also very welcome.

Run by qualified music teachers and mothers, we aim to help pregnant Mums find a like-minded community to belong to during their maternity leave. You don't have to be a great singer; your baby will be connected to your voice just as it is. All abilities are welcome.

We want mums (and partners) to feel more confident singing lullabies to their child.

We’ve carefully curated a selection of songs and lullabies to:

  • Uplift, inspire and empower you.
  • Strengthen a loving connection between you and your unborn baby.
  • Form a relaxing repertoire for soothing sleepless infants.


Why is it good for me?

Singing is good for the soul! It can have a really positive effect on physical and emotional well being and help lift the spirits. Group singing has been used for thousands of years to build a sense of community and bonding.

Studies show that singing increases blood flow, lowers heart rate, decreases blood pressure, releases endorphins (making you and your baby feel better) and may even strengthen your immune system.

Recent research has show that singers in a group get physiologically harmonised, tending to align heartbeats and body temperatures, which leads to a stronger sense of community and wellbeing.

If you are happier and healthier, then your baby will be too.


Why is it good for my baby?

Unborn babies can hear sound from around 18 weeks. There are many stories of them remembering the music they heard in the womb, and studies suggest they can remember lullabies they learnt before birth for three months after they are born.

We will sing lullabies, and teach calming techniques as well as sing music that we hope will help lift the spirits.

Singing lullabies helps to better regulate the the emotions of a newborn baby, it helps to foster a stronger bond between baby and parent, as well as helping to establish a routine, providing emotional comfort and security.

There are also countless studies describing how singing lullabies to children stimulates language, cognitive development, memory and attention.

For example, one study had two groups of 24-week pregnant women, one who sang lullabies for three months during their pregnancy, and the other did not. The babies who were sung to cried significantly less and had less colic symptoms after birth.

Planting the seed for a lifetime of joy through music.


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