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Small Steps (0-4 years)

Parent and child experience joyful making music together through singing, playing instruments, movement and stories.  Teachers sing and play without recordings.  Our calm, structured classes provide an optimal environment for learning.  Our program emphasizes development of the whole child through music, providing opportunities for social, physical and emotional development as well as fostering musical skills.  Children can continue to participate in this program until they turn 4.

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Playtime (from 3 years)

This class is designed to facilitate a smooth transition from the Small Steps class to learning any instrument, as well as extending and supporting the beginner instrumentalist by providing a social outlet for their musical endeavours. It is common for children learning the Suzuki method to begin learning an instrument around three. Children who have begun to learn an instrument continue in our Playtime class until they start school.

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Music Club (school-aged children)

Our Music Club is designed for school-aged children who learn an instrument at The Music Playground. They are designed as a natural extension of instrument lessons.

Music Club is based on the Suzuki Philosophy “Children learn from one another” and aim to give children motivation and reason for learning and loving their instrument.

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