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We’ve just started the online Small Steps class (a music class for babies) and absolutely love it! 

We have a teeny tiny baby and I can’t believe how much he is interested. I can already tell this is a great way for us to spend quality time with him whilst helping him learn so many cool skills! 

Such great energy and musicality from the staff. 
Highly recommend!

- Sarah Alice
May 2020

We started attending Music Playground when my daughter was about 5 months old, and we attended up until she was nearly 4 years old, progressing from Small Steps to the Kinder program. It was something we both looked forward to doing together each week, and we still listen to the cd's and sing the songs in the car now. Having learnt the suzuki method myself as a child, I was keen to have my daughter experience music as a language at a young age also, and all the development benefits music provides. The Small Steps program does an amazing job at teaching our tiny humans to grasp rhythm, melody and non-verbal communication with their peers and their carers. The photo book that gets updated each term is a beautiful memory I love looking through. The kinder program encourages a more independent and confidence-building approach, with mini performances by the kids on instruments, as well as lots of fun games to engage in learning through play. I loved that I could do weekend classes once I went back to work full time also.
I'm really looking forward to starting classes again with my second daughter again soon! Katrina and the other educators do an AMAZING job with the kids, thank you for offering such a fabulous program

- Melanie Anderson
May 2020


We are loving the online classes! So much energy and effort has gone into producing them and our children are so excited to do the classes each week. We love the songs, the crafts, and finding instruments around the house to play along each week. Highly recommend!

- Lisa Camilleri
May 2020


Highly recommend this music school. I’ve been telling everyone I know about you! Passionate, dedicated and very knowledgeable teachers. My children have attended classes here since they were 3 and 1 year old. They have enjoyed the journey of music, developed confidence and beautiful playing. A very engaging and nurturing environment for growing to love and learn music. It has also helped me to parent better. Thank you so much for providing my children and I a wonderful experience of music and beyond.

“Beautiful heart, beautiful tone.”

Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

- Shin Li Thian
December 2019

The music playground is a most brilliant place and gives the most wonderful experiences to both the child and the adult accompanying them. They use the Suzuki method that I was previously unfamiliar with. Once you get to understand the method, it just makes perfect sense and brings you to wonder why ALL kids aren’t taught this way! One of Suzuki’s beliefs was that we don’t stop kids from speaking because they can’t read yet so why do we insist on kids learning instruments with reading music immediately? My son has such a great understanding the basics of music and by listening he has picked up some very beautiful and quite complicated pieces, before being able to read. The reading appeared relatively easy when it was introduced to class. The concerts bought tears to my eyes each time. They allowed the kids to get up and just bow if that was all they could manage. There wasn’t any pressure and you could see the kids bloom in front of your eyes. Thanks Katrina for the kindness and care that you gave my son, I’m really going to miss sitting in the lessons listening to the beautiful music he was playing. 
An exceptional place and an exceptional experience.

- Melissa Mee
September 2019

My son has been attending group music classes at The Music Playground for over 3 years - he is now 4.5 years old. The weekly classes have been an integral part of our lives so much so that on days when we don’t have a class my son often asks to go to music!!
The curriculum, philosophy and sequence of the classes embraces all children’s abilities, regardless of where they are at and also allows them to extend themselves and hence grow their confidence step by step. Simply immersing your child in that environment is an extraordinary gift for your child. As a parent, I cherish the one-on-one time I spend with my son in the weekly classes. It’s special and unique. It is also special to observe your child’s growth and development in such a rich and positive environment in which you know your child is learning much more than what initially appears. The brain development, respect for peers, loving discipline such as learning to wait one’s turn and courtesy towards others, are all peripheral yet integral parts inherent in each class. I highly recommend the classes at The Music Playground for children of any age, including babies. The benefits for a child are beyond measure. Not to mention the love and special bond being reinforced between parent and child. The educators are amazing, very experienced and highly trained, and founder-director and head educator, Katrina Leibel constantly updates her own education and knowledge, including internationally.

- Georgia Galiotos
September 2019

Our family has been part of the Music Playground for over 5 years. Although there is just one of us receiving lessons, we have all benefited from being included and encouraged to participate. This means that what we learn at Music Playground follows us home and supports everyone to be involved in practice. With individual lessons, weekly music club with a bunch of peers and regular concerts all included, music and The Music Playground has become a significant part of our family.

- Jeremy McNally
August 2019 

Great music class! Such a wonderfull experience to share with my children. I highly recommend it. One advantage of this class, because of the wide age range, was being able to attend with my three kids - a very rare and unique opportunity.

- A GC
May 2018

Best thing I have ever done with my son! It is such a beautiful class and we both enjoyed every minute. Katrina is so gentle and encouraging and just beautiful with every child. If you are thinking about joining - go for a trial you will love it!

- Sarah Olsson
December 2017

My daughter and I have been going to Music Playground since she was 6months old and she is now 15 months old. Katrina and everyone at Music playground have been a lovely influence on Asha and she has learned so much. It's a great introduction to music and a great way for parents to get re-acquainted with all the classic songs.

- Jai Iyer
May 2017

Owner and music teacher Mamma Katrina is patient, calm and talented. She has some great creative techniques to encourage mindfulness throughout her lessons, this really helps to develop a longer capability for kids to focus and learn. Mamma also loves the life lessons picked up during class with lots of opportunity to learn how to share, take turns and interact with friends too.

- Mamma Knows West
February 2017

Katrina has been a great influence for my little girl and has brought so much fun to her musical journey. I highly recommend the programs that The Music Playground offer. Katrina has always given us great advice that would benefit our daughter in all aspects of learning ! Thank you!

- Namrata Sharma
November 2016

I took my daughter to The Music Playground predominantly to improve her confidence in social situations. Katrina was great and allowed my child to go at her own pace from initially watching, to slowly partaking and ultimately volunteering to get involved with the music & certainly sharing her own voice! Highly recommended as a lovely activity to share with your child & encourage a love of music.

- Lisa Begg
July 2016

This is such a beautiful activity to share with my children! We have shared so many fun classes: music, singing, dancing, playing instruments. And it is one of the rare classes where I was able to have my three children attend at the same time. The age group of 0 to 4 years old has been great for us. My baby, my toddler and my 4 year old all enjoyed the classes very much. And it has been so nice to observe them as they learned the songs, movements and routines as the classes progressed. And very entertaining also to see them replicate some of them at home! I highly recommend this class.

- Arianna C

My one year old has been going to Music Playground baby music classes since he was 5 months old. It has been a joy to watch his little face light up when he has his turn playing the instruments. The environment is always positive and encouraging thanks to the Suzuki philosophy, and the teachers are friendly and welcoming. Music has become a big part of my little one's life, thanks to these classes. His love of music has blossomed at home and he has delighted us with spontaneous dancing when he hears music and playing with music toys at home. I've been amazed as he sings notes to match the pitch on his toy sax and he loves playing daily on a mini piano, glockenspiel, drums and other music toys at home. The Music Playground classes are one of the gems I've found as a mum in Melbourne. I feel really blessed to share this experience with my little one at a time when his brain is being wired for life.

- Gillian M

 My daughter Katya Eva, who is 19 1/2 months, has just completed her first term at the Music Playground Williamstown and it has exceeded my expectations. The programme is exquisite. The hour goes so quickly and flows so nicely due to it being so well organised, interesting and fun. It is a fascinating twist on so many things that my daughter is exposed to and attends, it is a superior music programme, less chaotic and more focused than other music programmes we have attended in the past. The standard of the instruments is very high, it is a clean, comfortable environment and we both really enjoy and look forward to going and participating. Katrina and Sherry are so wonderful with my little girl, very respectful, caring and professional. We will be continuing with the programme right through until Katya is 3 when we look forward to introducing her to the piano and violin. The next 18 months will continue to be a great introduction to her appreciating and respecting music and so many other skills that are learnt and cultivated during the Suzuki Music classes. I highly recommend the wonderful space and environment which the Music Playground Williamstown provides.

December 2013

We love the classes! My daughter and I have been attending and I can truly see how she has improved in music and how much she enjoys the classes. The classes are taught so children learn music the fun way. The classes also give children exposure to various musical instruments, which is great. And the group format also enables my daughter to learn from other children and she gets more motivated to learn too. The classes involve parents too, and I like that because parents know what their children are learning and can help their children learn at home. Last but not least, a wonderful program can only be successful when there is a wonderful teacher.

- CTanuwidjaja
December 2013

My daughters have been taking weekly music lessons with Katrina since 2004. She has a real passion for music which is evident in her own studies and training. Katrina has a strong commitment to her students and patiently guides and encourages them. I believe that if it wasn't for Katrina my daughters would have dropped music a long time ago. The girls now continuously incorporate music into their homework time as opposed to computer games. The girls growing love of music is a tribute to Katrina.

- Rouge
December 2013

"I have been taking my daughter since she was 5 months old (she is about to turn one) and it has been wonderful to watch her development with each class. She is so engaged and loves all the different elements: having a go at the instruments, dancing, singing.. I'm not sure who enjoys it more - her or me!"

- Corrinna Gilbert

Wonderful introduction to music
I have been loving taking my now five month old son to The Music Playground. The approach, including child participation, singing, movement is wonderful and I can see my son's attention and enjoyment increase each week.
- Kate
December 2013
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