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Taking Baby Steps back to Covid Normal

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"To apply the old Japanese proverb 'What he is at three he will be at a hundred'...It is precisely at this time that he must be educated with infinite care."

- Shinichi Suzuki


Musical Bumps

Musical Bumps is a free choir for mums-to-be. Partners are also very welcome. Click here for more information.


Children who have come through our classes from babyhood are often ready to begin learning an instrument around age 3. Click here for more information about instrument lessons.

Small Steps

Children can join our Small Steps classes from birth until about four years old, and build the musical foundations essential for learning an instrument. Click here for more information.


Once children are about 3-4 years old, they are ready for our Playtime programme. Click here for more information.

Music Club

Music should be a social thing! Music Club is based on the Suzuki Philosophy “Children learn from one another” and aim to give children motivation and reason for learning and loving their instrument. Click here for more information about instrument lessons.

Parent feedback

My son has developed hugely socially and musically through these classes. He has begun singing all the time and his counting and reading have improved. As a traditionally trained pianist, I'm impressed with the Suzuki philosophy. I'd highly recommend this school.
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