Conditions of Enrolment and General Information:

  • Please play our CDs at home for your child every day.  Only you can create the musical environment at home in which their musical skills can grow. 
  • Please "like" and "follow" us on Faceook.  It's our main way of communicating to parents outside of class.  We post many useful links, reminders about special days, enrolment dates and relevant articles.
  • Parents and carers stay and participate throughout the class. You are a role model for your child, and their best teacher. Your child loves the sound of your voice, even if you think you can't sing. Don't be afraid - sing as if you were in the shower!
  • In our classes, the environment is also the teacher. Many children prefer to learn by watching what's going on around them, especially at first. Others jump in enthusiastically. A child who is "just watching" can still be engaged and participating. Children who are not yet ready to have a turn on an instrument are encouraged to have a "watching turn" or a parent may be offered to have their turn for them.  This often is very motivating for the children.
  • We use a lot of non-verbal communication in the class. This develops observation and listening skills. It's great when parents and carers model participation without prompting and directing. If you happily participate, your child will eventually begin to follow your example.
  • If you wish to bring along more than one child, please ensure we have a space available for each child.  Payment is required for each child attending class.
  • Please don't bring along distractions such as toys, dummies, food and drink. These things make it difficult for your child to participate fully in the class. Some children may have severe allergies to traces of your food.
  • Young children do not yet have the skills to pick out one sound over a lot of background noise. Please don't chat (even quietly) during the class. It is distracting for everyone and your child will model your behaviour.
  • Our classes are small. To facilitate the best learning environment for everyone, we will ask carers to remove a child who is unsettled by calmly taking them to the side or to the waiting room for a moment. This is not a punishment, it gives them the best environment to help them calm down, before re-joining the class. Usually a child will hear the sounds of the class and soon wish to return.
  • Your child must be supervised at all times while at The Music Playground.
  • Photographs of students will be taken during some classes to be put in the child's individual journal books. Enrolment in the classes is taken as tacit acceptance of this.  Please refrain from taking photos of your child as this can be quite distracting.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

  • We require a commitment of one term at a time (or the remainder if you begin partway through the term). No refunds or cancellations are possible.
  • Fees for the remainder of the term are due by your second class.
  • If you are unable to attend a class for any reason, you are not entitled to a reduction in fees. However, you are welcome to arrange to attend a class on a different day to 'make up' for the one you missed if a spot is available. 'Make up' lessons need to be while the child's enrolment is current.